Payments, Changes and Refund Policy

1.     Payment is due within two weeks of booking, placement in the class will only be confirmed upon full payment.  

2.     Missed lessons are not eligible for refunds, however if a swimmer is absent during the term due to unforeseen circumstances for 5 weeks or more consecutively they are eligible for 50% credit on their account.  

3.     Make-up lessons are available, subject to availability, for unforeseen circumstances. Swimmers are limited to maximum of 2 make-up lessons per term. See Make-Up Lessons.

4.     CitySwim reserves the right to change, postpone, cancel classes or change class size. In the event of a cancellation CitySwim will contact the customer with available options.  

5.     CitySwim has the right to change or substitute any coach at any time.

Health and Safety

6.      CitySwim accepts no responsibility for any accidents or losses incurred at the Aquadome facilities or its surrounds, this includes the carpark area.

7.     The Customer will ensure that at all times the health and safety requirements of CitySwim at the Aquadome are complied with by the customer and any children under their supervision.

8.     CitySwim reserve the right to restrict phone and video recording at the Aquadome. Please notify us if you are unwilling for your child to be photographed for promotional purposes.  

9.     A parent or caregiver is required to be poolside for the duration of the lesson. They are responsible for the swimmer’s safety and abiding by the Aquadome pool rules.

10.  CitySwim reserves the right to restrict entry to the Aquadome to any person.

11.  Wellington East Girls College driveway rules must be observed at all times, Vehicles are restricted to a speed of 10km/h (or as displayed).

12.  Children must not be left unattended in the car park or driveway area. Parents and caregivers are responsible for accompanying their swimmer to the Aquadome.

13.  Swimmers are required to stay out of the water for two weeks after experiencing diarrhoea or gastro symptoms. Any incidents in the pool must be reported immediately to a coach or supervisor.  

14.  It is compulsory for all customers to fill out emergency contact details and medical information before starting classes. If there is any change to these details the customer is required to notify CitySwim.