We offer a structured programme designed to teach children the basic skill and techniques to swim well. The programme is developed by Gary Hurring, one of New Zealand's top development coaches, and will allow the child to progress through a step by step process. From first strokes in the learn to swim pool, to competent swimming in the 25 meter section. The important aspect of this programme is that the child can make that transition when they are ready, in the same location, and feel confident about doing so. A small shallow pool can only offer so much and then its time to move somewhere else, whilst at the Aquadome its all under the same roof and makes it a lot easier.

Our coaches are experienced swimmers with an absolute passion for passing on what they love to the next generation.

The pedigree of the programme is second to none and choosing the best can only benefit your child in the future.

About ten years ago there was a similar programme based at the Boys and Girls Institute in Tasman St called TSW. It was responsible for producing a generation of great Wellington swimmers many of which went on in later life to excel in a variety sports and also in their careers. We believe with the right approach to teaching swimming it can lead to all sorts of benefits, whether in sports or life in general.

Have fun and work hard.