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About the Aquadome

The original swimming pool at Wellington East Girls' College was built in 1959 involving major earthworks to create a suitable level site for it to sit on. It had a 33-yard pool and a small diving pool alongside and the water was unheated, so pupils only swam in the summer months.

During the sixties and seventies, the pool was regularly used and it was in the late eighties, when funding for school swimming pools was reduced, that the pool began to require major maintenance.

The school managed to keep it operational right through to 2010, filling it once a year for the ten-week summer term.

Eventually, the cost of having the pool and maintaining it began to outweigh its usefulness and there were some discussions about what to do with the space it occupied if the pool was filled in.

Around the same time, a Charitable Trust was formed by individuals involved in the local swimming scene, with the aim of increasing available pool space in the Wellington City area. The Trust and the school worked together and came up with a plan to refurbish and modernise the old pool and hence the Aquadome was born.

The pool now has a state of the art heating and filtration system and boasts a beautiful steel and fabric enclosure, the first of its kind over a swimming pool in New Zealand. It is designed to operate as two pools at the same time, allowing primary school children and college pupils to access it at the same time. It also provides for a complete learn to swim facility, allowing swimmers to graduate through all the key levels of development in a familiar environment.

There have been many organisations and individuals who need to be recognized for making the project happen and they are listed below.

 We look forward to another 50 years of school swimming at the site!

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