Due to the popularity of the programme, adding swimmers into a lesson which is not their normal time and day could disrupt that lesson and increase our numbers above the set limit. It can also be difficult to find times and days that suit the swimmer requiring a make-up.

The purpose of offering a make-up is to cater to a child who was unwell and missed their normal lesson. It is for unforeseen events and cannot be used to allow alternative commitments to take priority, all costs are fixed on a term by term basis and thus incurred even in the absence of a swimmer.

If a child is unexpectedly away consecutively for five weeks or more then they may claim a maximum 50% discount on the following terms fees.

The following criteria applies to all make-up lessons:

• Make up lessons are available from Week 2 until Week 9

• Make-ups will be restricted to two per term for each swimmer (subject to availability)

• Make-ups have to be booked in the week following the absence (subject to availability)

• Make-ups cannot be carried over to the next term or transferred to another swimmer.

• Public holidays do not qualify for make up lessons.