All swimmers must be assessed prior to enrolling, this is to ensure swimmers are placed in the correct group. Please note our groups are based on ability not age, although where possible we will take age into consideration.

Assessments must be booked in advance by emailing us at Please allow 10-15mins for the assessment and bring togs, cap, goggles and a towel.

*Although we attempt to grade swimmers accurately at their assessment sometimes swimmers react differently in a group environment. Therefore, it may be necessary to change levels after the first lesson. If this is the case CitySwim will be in contact with available options.



Swimmers are being constantly assessed by coaches and supervisors. Towards the end of the term CitySwim will notify the caregiver if the swimmer is ready to move up and provide options for the following term.

We encourage swimmers to attend all lessons to ensure continuity and enhance their progress. Being absent from too many lessons may impact on their development and may result in the swimmer not being suited to their current level.

In some circumstances if the swimmer is ready the coach may recommend they move up midterm. In this case you will be contacted to arrange a new class time.

Swimmers will progress through our levels at different rates. It is completely normal for a swimmer to spend multiple terms in one level. If you are concerned about your child’s progression please contact CitySwim or talk to a supervisor.

*Please note coaches often have multiple classes and will be unable to discuss swimmers progress on pooldeck. Please email any questions or concerns to or talk to a supervisor.