“Your team are doing a great job!”
-Brad, 2018

“Also thank you for the work the swim team have done with both Sam and Ben.  Sam has made incredible progress, not only in his physical capability but his confidence and drive have significantly improved.  The coaching team are awesome.  I am recommending the swim school to anyone with ears!”
-Liz, 2018

“That's great to hear Kano is doing well, I know he's absolutely loving it, and the challenges, so great stuff you guys!”
-Deb, 2018

“Rupert loves the rainbow swim hat and the warmth of the small pool.”
-Jenn, 2018

“He’s really enjoying his lessons and are super excited that he’ll go up a class. Also thank you for your amazing flexibility it’s been really helpful.”

“The kids are doing really well.  We might make swimmers out of them yet!! “
- Catherine

“The coach went that extra mile and really made my son feel supported.
Please tell him thank you from both of us.He was amazing !”

“I have a 7-year-old who is currently learning to swim in a school pool.  I think he needs to swim in a bigger pool.  He is tall and it is too easy to cheat.”
“He is really enjoying his swimming this term and I think he is learning lots!"

“What a great programme, the kids are the perfect age, the coaching was great and it is just the sort of thing I was looking for.  Tash said he was 'up to it', and he was very chuffed with himself for swimming a few full laps of the 'big pool'."

“Do you know who the instructors will be?  Lauren and Tash again?  They were great last term.”

“Also, thanks for all the great teaching, my son entered in his school swimming sports for one-length freestyle and got 1st and is off to the wellington regional swimming competition day.  He was stoked! Especially as this time last year he didn't know how to breathe when freestyling and swam with his head out of the water!”