Q: How much are the lessons?


A: That depends on the squads and the length of time it runs. Typically early beginner lessons are 30 minutes and cost between $150 to $180 per term. As the swimmer progresses so the length of the session increases. For a full breakdown of costs register for a free assessment and find out where you child best fits.


Q: What does my child need to bring?


A: We prefer swimmers to have proper swim togs (not board shorts or overly frilly costumes) as they feel more comfortable in the water. Goggles are also needed, making sure they fit okay (putting on and trying in the shower or bath is a good idea). Swim caps (latex or silicon) for longer hair are important as they stop the hair obscuring the swimmer's vision in the water. Apart from that, just a towel and some nervous excitement are normal!


Q: How do I know how my child is progressing?


A: We use a monitoring programme that coaches feed into after each lesson. It will produce a report towards the end of each term and give you an update on progress and if they are ready to move onto the next level. Every child develops at a different rate and that can change as they progress along the structured pathway. They all get there in the end!



Q: How many sessions a week should they be doing?


The system developed by Gary Hurring allows for progression through a structured programme. Each step is vital to the next stage of development. Therefore as the swimmer progresses throughout the groups the time in the water may change and the number of sessions may increase. We believe it is better to lead the swimmer along the path than push them.